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Intuitive Superpowers!

Dear friends! My incredibly intuitive, wise, and grounded therapist friend Val Tate, told me about this “Intuitive Superpowers” online course she is newly offering, and I felt marvelously moved to help share her news because: 1. For the moment, like many therapists, my own caseload is full and it’s an additional healing modality offering for deep support, 2. Next week I’ll be speaking about self-care and this course is a deluxe opportunity in those tending waters, and 3. She is brilliant and this is an amazing opportunity to soak up her sun rays! I’m including her brief description of intuition and a link to the course with BIG LOVE:

Intuition is a gift we are all born with.

This gift allows everything in our lives to unfold naturally.

There is no more worrying about the future, what others think of you or about doing something wrong...

When we listen to our intuition, there’s really nothing to worry about.

If you’re looking to get unstuck, trust your inner guidance, and unlock that next level of success in your life - this is the course you’ve been waiting for.

Join Intuitive Psychotherapist, Val Tate, to activate your Intuitive Superpowers!

FOLLOW THE LINK here to learn more: LINK

PS - If you join August 30th-September 6th you’ll get a FREE copy of her physical workbook shipped right to your door, plus a BONUS webinar session “Empathy as a Superpower” with Val in October. Join now!


Rachel Awes

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