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Let it shine

Let's create a time capsule this spring and see what's rising in YOU, looking back, ahead & right here.

Looking back over the past season, year, decade, what have been your primary joys and hardships, and how have you grown, softened, defended, learned, integrated, become? What seeds were planted and what is stirring this spring?

Creating a vision board, collaging what you would love to live into through magazine images and words with the help of a good old fashioned glue sticks and scizzors, might be the water for your rising.

Being present right here. Tuning into breath. Sitting on the dirt in the garden of you. Nourishment is now. All carrots turn orange for you and the birds sing for you. The season turns spring for you.

All that rises outside is also arising in you. YOU are the daffodil and the honey bee, the tulip's dream and sun breaking free.

With all my love, xox Rachel

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Rachel Awes

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