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Meet Marvelous Mindy & her gifts!

I am so happy to introduce you to my friend Mindy Lacefield! She is deeply talented, dearly kind, and one of a kind in her authentic and delightful expressions and living! I adore her and wanted to pour out her encouraging words and colors here for you! I'll share responses to a few questions I had for her, two free gifts from she to you, and links to be able to find her on the Internet directly! I'm also a guest on her blog today and you can find that post in her website link below!

1. Please tell us about you. What are you up to lately? Hey my name is Mindy Lacefield and I am a full time illustrator and mixed media artist. I love poodles! I have two. Merlin and Sammy. I am Disney obsessed with layers of the Marvel universe. (most importantly Guardians of the Galaxy!) My art heroes are Mary Blair, Yoshitomo Nara, Tim Burton, Jim Henson, Artur Akopjans and Ayako Rokkaku. Lately I have been illustrating scratch & sniff stickers. I am collaborating with Wacky Whiffer to create stickers that smell like my childhood. I am an 80's child with a passion for Strawberry Shortcake, Monchhichi, Mrs. Pac-man, Care Bears, and trapper keepers.

2. What are a handful of your favorite art supplies? my favorites at the moment are col-erase pencils, gouache, neocolor ii's, and procreate on my ipad

3. If you were to pass on some encouragement about people being who they are in the expression of their everyday and in their creativity, what would you like them to know? My biggest struggle is being hard on myself (in art and everyday social situations) and comparison. Social media makes it hard not to compare your work. My advice is to turn off all social media for a week. Look at no other art. Work on your art....! Focus only on what is inside you. Sometimes for me it's just scribbles or doodles. That's a start. And by starting, you've opened up the magic inside. 4. Favorite art quote: "It took me 4 years to learn to paint like Raphael, and a lifetime to paint like a child" - Picasso

And here are TWO free gifts Mindy is sharing with you!: her latest "Cherry" art and a collage sheet you can download and print! Aren't they DARLING?! Thank you Mindy! XO

And here are the online & heart-ways you can find Mindy!:

WEBSITE (Where her blog post today will also feature me & another gift for you!)

All shared with love! And cheers to all your magic inside, friends! XOX! Rachel


Rachel Awes

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