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Spring Play Date & Insides Matter!

You are hereby invited to a spring play date with growing things!

Deliver daisies to a friend. Buy yourself bouquets. Host a flower potluck. Press flowers. Refresh house plants. Consider succulents. Plant herbs. Build a raised garden. Fashion a flower tattoo. Include petals in your bath. Confide in a chrysanthemum. Place a pansy in your hair. Include edible flowers on your plate.

Create a flower revolution!

With all my heart, Rachel

PS! I will be speaking about Relationships & Boundaries on “Insides Matter” on Instagram Live this Friday April 1 from 1:00 to 1:30 CST. I would love to hear your questions/talk points for me on this subject, that you could leave in the comments here or send them via a private message. I hope you can tune in!

Be sure to follow me on this Instagram page so you can listen, dear ones!:

If you can’t join me live, I do record these and you can listen afterward. You can find the recorded versions by going to my Instagram profile page (the link I shared above) and click the sideways triangle shape that is just above all my posts and it should bring you to recorded reels.


Rachel Awes

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