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true belonging

I will no longer pay a price to belong. True belonging is free.

Have you ever found yourself in a group of people and fakely laughing at a joke that hurts people, or engaging in false intimacy with people through gossiping? Or perhaps saying or doing things out of simply wanting to belong? We all do some form of these things and do it because of naturally wanting to feel liked and connected with others, and then it costs us something: our peace, our integrity, our true intimacy with one another.

Glorious freedom keys can be found in standing up for the vulnerable. Speaking kind words. Creating healthy boundaries. Saying yes to what deeply feels good and strong and no to what feels harmful. Then notice how resonant souls will find you and join with you and how really free you will be and belong.

You can read more of these “belonging breakthroughs,” as my gift with love to you, by including your name at this link and I will be honored to send them your way: CLICK HERE

All with love




Rachel Awes

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