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Wonder Seeker

I received my Wonder Seeker book by wonder full full full friend Andrea Scher and published by Harper Collins! At first yellow blush, it feels sooo good in my hands. The jacket is smooth and substantive, highlighting an endorsement from Brene Brown, a foreword by SARK, and painted yellows by Mati Rose (impressive!) Then I opened the book and the inside pages did not disappoint: spellbinding photography, wondrous words and explosions of delicious color (I just want a “scratch & sniff” feature so I could ingest them more!) Reading these pages feels like hanging out with a dear friend who is real and confides in you, invites you into super fun outside-the-box play dates, and who is always rooting for your best life. In short, the book is Andrea incarnate, and I’m grateful we can now all have access to her wonder and in doing so, encourage the cracking open of the wonder in us all.

“You are more powerful than you realize,” she expresses after sharing a compelling story from her life—and I marked that as one of my many favorite page spreads (pages 46-48 if you are curious) and I’ll let you take it from here to read the rest! All shared with big love!

(Available on Amazon & in loads of stores!)

All with love xox, Rachel


Rachel Awes

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