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Writing a Book! The BIG REVEAL!

I am grateful times a bagillion to finally share my big LOVE news!

I have a new illustrated book releasing likely in November with Wise Ink Creative Publishing that's all about loving and lighting up your heart! I've held this news in throughout the pandemic and I'm overjoyed to finally loose these love-pages into our world (dearly needing healing & care) and announce the new title!! ...

The Relationship Book

A Soulful, Transformational, and Artistic Inventory of Your Connective Life.

The book is a soulful exploration of the many relationships in your life (with food, clothing, people, and more!) for leveled-up intimacy, a deeper sense of belonging, and awakened confidence. It's made with full color and nutritious words ~ all designed to vibrantly fill your beloved cup. Bestselling author/artist SARK calls it "A giant love generator!"

I'll be giving peeks of the pages in the coming weeks and be sharing excerpts of my process, as I have come to understand that many people are curious about/interested in the publishing process.

I'm thankful for my relationships right here and now with YOU!

(Plus an extra thank you to my crazy-loved cousins/dear friends, Toni and Steph, who joined me in my escapades in this photo!)

Ohhhh how we need one another. Grateful, grateful, grateful.

With all my heart, Rachel

ALSO! As you know, we do our best when we can step forward together! If you feel moved to help or support by sharing the news of this book (on Facebook, Instagram, your blog, over tea with a friend!) when it's available for pre-order in October, please email me at & simply say "I'm in!" When the time is closer, I'll send you an image to share and words you could use (or you could write your own wonderful words!) Thank you for being alongside me in this journey and please let me know how I can consider supporting your creative journey too! XO! Rachel


Rachel Awes

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