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A Holiday Gift for You!

Dear ones! I have been cooking up something extra special to give, to support you around the holidays. I have made10 colorful self-care prompts to land in your personal email box, with the sole/soul purpose of lifting and lighting you at an extra busy and sometimes stressful time. Hopefully this is also a time holding pockets of joy for you as well, and these emails then serve to amplify the good feels.

While these heartful prompts are planned to begin dropping November 15, the time to sign up for them is now/this week! The online program I'm working with will only send them to people already signed up, and since I plan to get them keyed up in advance, this is why it is important to sign up in the present moment. And here is how you do it:

By signing up for my FREE Worthy Eyes Guided Meditation at this LINK, you will also receive additional free goodies, including the 10 self-care prompts around the holidays. Easy peasy. Just fill in your name and email HERE and you are set! In the event you have previously signed up for the Worthy Eyes Guided Meditation, you will automatically receive these self-care prompts.

Feel free to share this link and free gift with those you love ~ let's spread the love!

xox! Rachel


Rachel Awes

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