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Designer Gudrun Sjoden, her heart of gold VP Annie Adelsson, & ambassADOR-ING me ❤️

It's been a couple years since I have seen these darling two, due to limitations of travel and connection that we all know well from the pandemic. It was dearly delightful to greet them from Sweden at a table at the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis yesterday and catch up. Gudrun Sjoden will be opening a warehouse in Minnesota so that US orders can be shipped from MN, instead of internationally, increasing the expediency of orders and making a gentler and greener impact on our beautiful earth.

An additional spring clothing collection releases tomorrow and the colors are DELICIOUS! You can find them all HERE and I would love to hear of your favorites!

I'll be back with another post soon about what I'll be up to this Friday, along with an invitation to you!

With all my heart, xox Rachel


Rachel Awes

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