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Giveaway & Instagram Live: Clothing, clothing, clothing!

I will be offering 2 GIVEAWAYS of Gudrun Sjödén’s designed scarves, postcards & watercolor books in conjunction with my “Insides Matter” Instagram Live talk this Friday October 8 at 1:00 CST about clothing and colors! I would LOVE if you would include questions/talk points about clothing and about colors in this post’s comments that I could respond to! That way, I can have a better sense of what would be meaningful to YOU to speak to. (I’ll include random questions as examples of clothing questions I found on the Internet at the bottom of this post, in case they help you think of your own!)

Here is how you can enter the Gudrunliscious giveaways!:

-Follow me on Instagram (My link is included below in green.)

-Gain an entry to win by providing questions/talk points for me to respond to about clothing or colors in a comment in this post or email them to me at

-Gain an entry by sharing this post on social media and by tagging friends in my Facebook/Instagram posts about this.

Thank you, good luck, and I hope you are available to join me on Friday!!! Winners will be announced and tagged in a comment in my Instagram post about this by the end of the day Friday. Possible Discussion Questions:

  1. Do you have a favorite item of clothing? What is it? Why do you like it? When do you wear it?

  2. What is your favorite color to wear? How many items of clothing do you have in this color?

  3. How important is color co-ordination to you? Do your clothes always match?

  4. How do you store your wool clothes?

  5. Do you change your clothes often? Or do you tend to wear the same clothes all day?

  6. How often should clothing be washed? How often do you wash your clothing?

  7. Do you wear shoes that make you taller? Why?

  8. How often do you go shopping for clothes? Do you buy new clothes when the season changes?

  9. Do you buy clothes online? Why or why not?

  10. What do you do with clothes that you no longer wear?

  11. Will you wear something uncomfortable just because it looks good?

See you Friday on Insides Matter! With all my heart, xox Rachel


Rachel Awes

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