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The Gift of REST

My “Insides Matter” Instagram Live monthly talk this Friday January 7 at 1:00 CST will be about REST. Did you know that time off from work boosts your immune system and increases creativity? (Pictured here are rocks I painted as I blissfully rested.) I would LOVE if you would email me at with questions/talk points about rest that I could respond to in my talk (or send them through private message if that is more comfortable.) That way, I can have a better sense of what would be meaningful to YOU to speak to.

You can tune in then on Instagram and be sure to follow me on this page so you can find me, dear ones!: INSTAGRAM LINK

With all my heart, xox Rachel

PS! If you can’t join me live, I do record these and you can listen afterward. You can find the recorded versions by going to my Instagram profile page (the link I shared above) and click the sideways triangle shape that is just above all my posts and it should bring you to recorded reels. ▶️

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